Rogers County Adult Day Care

Respite Services for Caregivers

About the RCADC

Services Include

Based on individual needs. May include physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise, art, music, baking, reminiscence, horticulture and pet therapy. 

Individual Care Plans

An individual Care Plan is available for each participant which may include balanced meals and snacks, assistance with taking medications and personal care. Transportation can be arranged within limits.  

Rogers County Adult Day Care (RCADC) provides intergenerational
 fun, consisting of socialization and companionship between older and younger adults. Provides respite for the caregiver while participants is in a safe and caring environment.

Relief for a 24 hour caregiver is critical to the continued provision of care necessary for keeping any elderly person at home.

As a priority, we offer supervision in a protective environment with a rational of one caregiver to every four adults. 

Cost and Fees

Daily Rate - $65.00
Less than 8 hours daily - $10 per hour

Department of Human Services, Advantage Waiver, Respite Vouchers, and DDSD Waiver Funds available. 

For more information about our Patient Care Program, or to inquire about volunteering, please call: 918-341-7588.